F+U Group
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F+U Unternehmensgruppe

The F+U Group training institute was founded in Heidelberg in 1980 and is now represented in 10 Federal States of Germany and in several European countries. Furthermore, we dispose of a comprehensive network of partnerships both in Germany and abroad.

The aim of our range of training courses is to communicate up-to-date and solid specialist knowledge and proficiency and to enhance the ability to react in a flexible way to changing professional demands. At the same time, we orientate ourselves towards the requirements of the labor market, the current academic standards, as well as the interests of our participants. F+U qualifications assist the participants with entry into or advancement in a chosen profession and the associated recognition in society.

Our assertion of high quality is authenticated by our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification for F+U Rhein-Main-Neckar gGmbH and F+U Thüringen gGmbH, which we have held since 1999.