Prospective students
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Advisor of Studies Berlin
Demis Mohr
Phone: 030 206176-82


Advisor of Studies Berlin
Alexander Rubbel
Phone: 030 206176-78


Advisor of Studies Berlin
Maria Wötanowski
Phone: 030 206176-72


The HWTK University of Applied Sciences offers prospective students next to various degree programmes the innovative concept of the three study models: full-time study, practice-integrated dual study and distance learning*. The possibility of changing the study model throughout the course of studies makes it easy to balance university and personal life.

* Please refer to the study models offered in each degree programme.

Financing of studies

A degree programme at the state-accredited HWTK University of Applied Sciences is an excellent investment for your future career. Flexibility, personal atmosphere and a compact course of study are just a few of the many advantages we offer.

Further information on tuition fees can be found here.

Degree progammes

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

B.A. Business Administration

Study models: full-time study, practice-integrated dual study, distance learning
Places of study: Berlin, Baden-Baden
Language of instruction: German
11 specialisations:

  • Hotel and Tourism Management,
  • Gastronomy Management,
  • Event, Fair and Congress Management,
  • Marketing Communications and Public Relations,
  • Sports Management,
  • Industry and Trade,
  • Banking and Insurance,
  • Human Resources Management and Personnel Services,
  • Taxes and Auditing,
  • Health Management,
  • Cultural and Media Management

B.A. Business Administration (English)

Study models: full-time study, practice-integrated dual study
Place of study: Berlin
Language of instruction: English
2 Specialisations:

  • Hotel and Tourism Management
  • Marketing Communications and Public Relations

Bachelor of Science

B.Sc. Business Informatics

Study models: full-time study, practice-integrated dual study
Places of study: Berlin, Baden-Baden
Language of instruction: German

Master of Arts

M.A. Business and Organisation

Study models: full-time study, practice-integrated dual study, distance learning
Place of study: Berlin
Language of instruction: German

M.A. Business and Organisation (English)

Study model: full-time study
Place of study: Berlin
Language of instruction: English

Application Tips

Tips for your application to a company in a dual study programme

Of course, we are aware of the steps you have to take when looking for a company and, of course, we know about many questions our prospective students have concerning applications and our application procedure. We are glad to give you some helpful advice on how you can successfully apply to a company in order to study at HWTK University of Applied Sciences.

1. Find comprehensive and detailed information!

All the necessary information concerning studying at the HWTK can be found on our homepage or in the information material we provide.
Do not hesitate to consult the HWTK Office of Student Affairs.
Our student advisors in Berlin and Baden-Baden will be glad to arrange a non-committal and individual appointment.

But what about questions your prospective company may have?
It is highly probable that the company you chose or your future contact person there has questions different from yours. Therefore, we advise you to prepare for questions your prospective company might have.
Your student advisor will also be glad to assist you in case you need support or information for appointments with decision-makers of your company. Do not hesitate to contact your student advisor or to name him or her as contact person for a potential partner company.

Our advice: Do not only collect information concerning your questions, but also questions your company may have. In addition to a comprehensive and detailed preparation for your first appointment with your company, you can also use this information as profound background knowledge for your application documents.

Moreover, you should consider that the kind of company you choose should be complementary to your choice of specialisation. If you want to study Business Administration and choose Hotel and Tourism Management as specialisation, tour operators, hotels and tourism businesses can be considered as potential companies.

Try to think on a larger scale of possible companies in the field of study when looking for an appropriate partner company.

In large companies, a Human Resources Department will probably be your first contact and the one you should send your application to. But who is responsible for the field of administration or technology studies? Maybe the two belong to different spheres of competence; and maybe there are different contact persons. Who makes decisions concerning Human Resources in medium-sized businesses, the owner or his or her associates?

After your own successful research in this field, you can find out additional information by directly contacting the company in advance, e.g.:

1. Does the company I chose accept students in general and students of my degree programme in particular?
2. Can this company offer / organize a formation in my specialisation?
3. Has it gained experience with dual study programmes? If not, what is the necessary information the company should be given in order to accept an application?
4. Who is my contact person in the company? This is important because you should submit your application to the person in charge.
5. Which documents are necessary in order to deal with your application appropriately?


2. What should an application look like?

Many guidebooks and tips are available on the internet and in book stores. These can help you compose your individual and ideal application letter correctly and give it an appropriate appearance. Moreover, you can contact your student advisor any time you need advice or an objective and professional feedback.

Here are some websites that may help you for the first steps of your application:


3. Compose your application letter in a way that suits the HWTK!

Choose a correct subject for your letter of application!

The first step is the subject line. If you apply for a dual study programme at HWTK, subject lines containing words like “Internship” or “Apprenticeship” are inadequate.

They do not correspond to the position you as a student at HWTK aspire to in a prospective company. Furthermore, it might not be clear for possibly appropriate companies what your application aims at: Usually, interns spend only some months in a company whereas apprentices do not study simultaneously.

Therefore, it is helpful ,not only for companies, that you write very clearly, but it also for you: If it is obvious what your application is really aimed at, it can be submitted to the right contact person (if you have not found out who he or she is in advance). Moreover, you should not go into detail and explain what a dual study programme is. In case of correct formulation, interested companies know about the contents and the course of action of dual study programmes and are able to enquire and evaluate this on their own.

Here you can see some example sentences in German for possible subject lines in your letter of application which may serve you as a suggestion:

  1. „Bewerbung für ein duales Hochschulstudium (ggf. für den Studiengang… in der Fachrichtung …) in Ihrem Unternehmen“
  2. „Bewerbung bei Ihrem Unternehmen als Praxisbetrieb für ein duales Hochschulstudium an der HWTK Berlin“
  3. „Ihr Unternehmen als Kooperationspartner für mein duales Hochschulstudium“

The HWTK and your student advisors wish you every success during your application process!